“Zone Sisters” is our group of singers and musicians who already have our own professional careers. Our main message is “Sharing and exchanging” with music, a world full of frequencies and energies that we are ready to discover with you.

“Zone Sisters” are ready to receive outside talent, from dancers, audio-visuals, writers, photography, artisans and actors. So we want to invite you all to be part of this project, giving ideas and sharing incredible moments together, learning and enjoying music.

You the artists, will have the opportunity to be open to exchange opinions and ideas, and you will also have the opportunity to feel comfortable and free to express your creativity and learn how to work with a team with music and creation.

Alejandra Burgos, who originally created the project is a singer, songwriter and guitarist ( who was the support act for Anastacia, Alice Cooper and Michael Schenker all over Europe, and also she opened up the concert in Mallorca for Gloria Gaynor) and is fully confident of the female power and total talent. Today, “Meli Drums” is our drummer, “Sabrina Burgos”, guitarist and “Lula Groovee”, our bass guitar player, and then, all the artists and musicians who are invited by us.

Our concerts are funny with lots of energy and enthusiasm, and the magic depends of the formation (Dúo, trio or full band). The musical genre is Blues, Pop, Soul, Funk and Rock & Roll. Our Zone Sisters band consists of a mix of nationalities and cultures that guarantees to give a surprisingly sensational spectacle while tripping through the different melodies and rhythms.

So now that our doors are open, we welcome you….

Thank you !

Zone Sisters.